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Dear Carpe Diem users,

dig yourself a hole, I fill it up personally, stomp the ground and built a toilet on, with a permanent tube straight into your crown of your self-proclaimed regalness, because you are, I am, this is all what life is about, live the moment, take advantage of the moment, fuck the consequences. And don´t you dare come out before you lived, you breathed every and each second of your life stucked in a moment of self-abandonment. You are just another user. On a habit. Excavating your darkness, which you confuse with the fact, that the world is fucked up, currently, right now, do you feel it, can you see, open your eyes and don´t stare into another black box space, to distract but feeling so intense at the same time, having this brutal quote above your boxframe – Carpe Diem. This doesn´t protect you from being as stupid, unaware and ignorant as the rest of us. I am not sure what is worst, the concept of carpe diem or astrology. But I am sure I don´t need to find out, I put you both in a box and mark it with a huge peace sign, so I will never open it again, just for putting some rotten flowers back to, worshipping your courage to be.