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Dear islamophobists,

no, the islam won´t conquer, oppress or destroy the world. The world will be destroyed by humanity.
Pointing at other religious concepts and blaming them for their intolerance – think about your arguments, not only how to proof your ignorance.
No, the islam is not evil. Evil is satan, leave him out of this. If you wanna find a scapegoat for your sadness, your corruptive mind, your disability to accept truthlessness, cut your throat, the world doesn´t need your burden and barrenness.
Judging about something you are not capable to understand, on a historical, cultural and psychological level, caged with your ignorance, with ready-made patterns imprinted by socialisation, is only exposing your racism and increasing heavily your stupidity.
Yes, you are defending and protecting your own immaturity. No, the islam is not radical. This world is radical! No, the islam is not the worst. The islam is another approach of manipulation, gaining and preserving mastery. You should be a powerphobist. But you are a believer. You are limited to an anxious-driven expression of freedom and tolerance. Having enemies and supposedly allies let you feel strong, powerful, being part of a big picture, of a truth, of a easy to digest truth, of a truth created by a swath of destruction, murder and manhunt, on killing in a name of someone, who can not be judged. And yes, your belief is killing humans every day, still, whatever you belief in. Religion – the modern deployment of economical interests, is killing humans, every day. In different camouflages, countries, for idealist visions, never will have been executed but executing for head by head, voice by voice. You are as silent as the forgotten blood of your messiah. It makes me sad to listen to your mindlessness. How can we be so wrong.