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My friends… celebrating Olivier´s, a truly friend´s birthday on saturday at The Galley, at our corporate metal bar… I miss all of you. Oh yeah, no problem, friends you find everywhere, because everywhere we don´t want to be nowhere, we want to be, someone, and mean something to others, someone to ourselves. You complete me. Watching friendships. Watching the letdowns. The pressure of fulfillment, to have to do, because this is what you do in friendships, in relationships. I always wanted to. I always did it with pleasure and need of, to satisfy my understanding of escort, of a strong companionship, to safe my interests and share my curiousity, my awareness and respect, to regain self-affirmation if necessary or adjust my ego. I miss your hugs. Your attention, when we chat, when we be together. I miss your tears and laughs, your questioning and views and ideas, but most I miss is just being with you. Knowing most of you for such a long time, knowing what comes next and being suprised to be right or completely wrong. But always count on, it doesn´t finally matter, because what matters is us, being there, with you, always, in my heart. Thank you.