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These blackouts, for 4 days nearly whole Siem Reap was disconnected from the pleasure of electricity, have their juicy sidekicks. The routine is slowing down, like a vinyl loosing temper, its thrash turning into a snorting, farting and sepulchral voice message from the dead´s phlegm. Close to shutdown. So you have time to do things. Schedule is nullified, terminated, all power to the lethargy! You do things, these kind of things staying on your list till you start a new one, the old drowned in beer and blood. You don´t have time for, because of work, social media or hangover. Or just laziness caused by oppressing heat. No wind. 35 degrees. So you sneaking around the house, investigating, fixing, picking up corpses of insects and spiders. Cleaning the corners. You go shopping, filling up the stock like on day 2 of the deadlock, as the blackout appeared not long-standing. I stuffed my sack of consumption nicely in the refrigerator and felt like you resorted your library, disinfected the toilet, cut your nails – you feel graded, at grade, balanced, you find answers, avoid rash on your arse and you don´t shovel the dust of the road to blacken your handshakes. Spring-cleaning mutates to blackout-cleaning. Anpther 4 hours later, blackout, till today, day 4. So you chill, nothing else to do. But I have to work! CHILL!!! I could do some more productive things, like dressing my bald head with my new elec-. Or playing guitar finally, starting, downloading tutorials… maiking yourself comfortable, in the hammock, turn on the fan, switching on the decorative lights, not the functional, of course, that doesn´t work, because no power! Damn it! Or listen to metal to calm down. All devices out of battery. The fan is looking stupidly blunt in its uselessness. Reading! Where is my e-. Cooking! Stuff myself healthy! Too hot and I don´t buy a new stuffing for the refrigerator before I, well neccessarily emptied the rotten one. Play ping pong! Oh, I am alone and my phone rests in black screenlessness. Maybe go to bed early… turning my mattress into a inside out wetland.
I ended up resting in silence. My neighbour brought me a candle, like he did the two days before, providing light. Waking up in pitch black darkness and needing to piss, you know why you appreciate the precious gift of light. And the cat you are not stepping on.
Fuck the power.
All power to the silence!