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Having watched one of these dreadlock conspicuous barefooted eating plain baguette with watermelon in public freaks, and I mean freaks not in a likeable, walking down the street like a fool, and I choosed fool instead of a mix of Gandhi and Arnold Schwarzenegger, balanced, in peace with the world. He breathes the purity of freedom, and digests straightforward leaving a path of shitcrumbs behind. blocking my view on an homeless cambodian beggar, who is nothing…
“Yes, free yourself.
Make yourself free.
Break the chains of materialism, man.
Sell everything.
Just do it, man.
Accept you are, we are all human and the managers, the companies, the magnificence can not change us all.
I did it, man, and I feel amazing.
So free.
So loose.”
Loose like a bowel.
“I never felt as such as great…
a) since I practice yoga, man, my life changed.”
b) are you in Buddhism? Yeah, man, I know, but I am not religious as well, Buddha is not a religion, Buddha was human, man, just listen…”
c) Man, you look like we should share some tea, man.”
d) a + b + c = headshot

Selling everything, supposed to empty your soul or however you call your disabiltiy to accept your humaneness, and stuff yourself with the same shit just in different colours and a bit more exotic, doesn´t mean you woke up, män, you are still captured inside the matrix, you dumbfuck!