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These days in Cambodia… so after my spontaneous kidney failure without any longterm damages caused by dehydration provoked by Beer New Year and workout every morning sweating my body to a raisin, my own diagnosis, after one day lying on codeine in peace and giving rest a try, on sunday the first metal bar in Cambodia opened its gate – The Galley. The Soft Opening was fun and a personal odd experience, standing behind a bar again… after around 25 years. But it felt damn good. Not to own a bar, because it is not mine, but to run it, to work at and for it. This place gonna turn Siem Reap black, YES! In two weeks we face the Grand Opening. No doubts this will metal our days! My days for sure – I can listen to my music loudly! Unbelievable. Waking up today in the morning, monday after Khmer New Year, was not fun at all, Christ dead! Somnang, my housemate, has to surrender to surgery today. The vet, lucky we have one in town – Cats? Not khmer, what you think!, will amputate her left forefoot. I am so in love with Somnang. Haha, sounds crazy? You love to eat cows. You love to be wasted. You love each other for the rest of your life and you might never discover your love is a scam. This being is such a beauty. She centers me. She makes me smile, laugh, feel not human, feel existent, feel. She makes me cry. I didn´t stay long, I could´t and the vet, Katie Russell, who is doing a great job, also to mention Josette, french, lived in Japan over 20 years, the crazy cat lady of Siem Reap, who is as crazy as best-hearted. Katie explained me the procedure and I started to cry. So I left. Who needs a pitiful pussy next to my brave Somnang. I hope everything is gonna be alright… how can I be so arrogant to decide for her what is best… why I have to decide!!! Because we intrude.