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Cambodian hospitals and me are catching up still well. In ultimate excitement for the soft opening of The Galley, the first metal bar of Cambodia, preparations for which are well under way, – that close and then they pull me back again… Olivier and me were hunting around town for the last deco details, pigeons, pigheads and other mandatory stuff, as it all at once dragging pain started in my abdomen, left side only. I went to toilet, thought with a relaxing and extensive session it would just produce an intestinal slide and easing emptiness. But buffalshit, it got worst and worst. I had to leave the hunt, after sitting on the toilet at Lucky Mall for an hour, dealing with the pain and still hoping for a proper slide. I crawled in a tuk tuk from their straight on the colling tiles of my bathroom. There I laid, naked, shaking, sweating like a fountain, with a strong need to pee but without success. The pain was just horrible. I despise stomach ache or anything else which is related to abdomen or other down there shit. At this point I am again really glad to be a man, more a pussy, but better than dealing with this sort of torture every month. I literally thought I am dying, because I wshed to, just to end this. I was creeping around my house, always on four, couldn´t stretch or unbend myself. I took medicine, painkillers, tried to drink, puke again, painkillers, water again and all the way back again. I was puking half of the pain and half of the cramps I guess. No urin, no stool, just stucked pain. After three hours I decided to go to the hospital, without being scared at all, even with my background and our prehistory, I don´t fuckin care, I want to get rid off, whatever they have to cut or burn or mess up for that. I can cont on my family when it´s getting serious. Always. They are just love, love and family. Pomsen, Soya and Milea came to pick me up. My beard smacks of a pavement pizza – straight in my face. I could barely walk. The pothold streets of Cambodia left me in fetus position, gnawing on my arm bed not to scream out loud in anger and boredom of this hilarious intense pain. Pomsen parked the car in front of a khmer hospital, left the driver seat and wanted to help me leaving the car, didn´t realize my hand searches for support at the driver´s door frame, closed it an well basically for a short moment, till Pomsen realized why I can´t leave the car – couldn´t express myself either, I was not thinking about my abdomen anymore. Anyway, I made it and after they managed to establishing vascular access and a shot in my hip, it took around 2 hours more before I was able to move not just to find a more comfortable positioning to exhale the pain. And I peed!!! Not a lot but enough to check it at the laboratory. Today I will have to go again to make an ultrasound, to be sure what it is. For now I am on codeine, which is scary truly heavy shit, but remembering the pain I had yesterday I rather make a trip on a rainbow than stand this whatever – possibly a kidney stone… what a day again.