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Soursdey Chnam Thmey – HAPPY KHMER NEW YEAR and happy state of emergency. Khmer re-conquer your ground, amaze the white and bully the tourists with your outstanding hospitality and stare rising straight from your curious hearts. Colourful pentagrams everywhere, enlightened houses, food stalls roadside, sort of christmas, even though bit more existential commercial and truly traditional, especially the beer, with the killed cans you can easily rebuilt Ankgor Wat I suppose, maybe twice.
Khmer New Year celebration lasts for 3 days. Khmer start to work on the celebration, preparing the purse, training the liver, closing down till shut down, who can afford it. Prices climb beyond limits, empty shelves at markets, orders are double the price but half quality, before and after, struggling with hang over and the fact their yearly holiday is once again over. People, tourists and locals, are being hijacked, attracting with its masses and mayhem scammers from all around the country. after they fuck off back to the law of the jungle. But now first, party! I am scared.