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These days are days of foundation. To found you need to prepare a solid ground, cover some potholes, plant a bit of green here and banish some rival ethnic tribes there, practical for example, kill hundreds of thousands mosquitos. I believe in the concept of equality – equality before nature. If there is no need to kill, to shed blood, by blood absorbed nasty tiny creatures, why kill? I don´t feel pleasure to kill, never did. It is fascinating, the procession of exitus, when a last crippled breeze of light arouses, before flesh turns black and light ends up in play of ash. A moment of silence. But death is as loud as life can´t bear. Armed with a can of chemical warfare, I entered resolute the bathroom. Fuck off this face-to-face affaire d´honneur shit, we live in the future, so why kill one by one, if you can crush all-that-is in a second. – Why turn off the light when you can light darkness. It was a late afternoon. About 24 degrees, humidity around 50% and nearly no wind, perfect condition for a mass insect extermination. Following the instruction I shut the door, blocking the main route of escape. Twenty minutes later I was standing in front of my rage, crestfallen. The white tiled floor black dotted. A piece of silence. A fragment of war, of nature. Some of the dots still in death throes, before their blackness will decompose, grow pale and cell by cell. A mix and mess of blood soaking into the jointing, dirty dark red. The marvelousness of their existence, of the nature´s architecture will fallen into another – out of our understanding and sensuousness – world. They will disappear. I proclaimed the mosquito-free state of life! About a night later, in the morning, sitting on the toilet, surrounded by a swarm of mosquitos. I feel like in an empty aquarium, with flying sceletons circling me. I was sad. What happened to the good old traditional face-to-face combat? I step unto the battle field, I turn on the water to pull the death out from under my feet. Streams of corpses, jamming the plughole. I was sad, because I killed like a god. I killed for human reasons I despise. – Because I can, why should I suffer. I can turn on the fan. I can use repellence. I can use incenses. And I am ok, but living with them, sharing my, MY home with them. I returned to squash them with bare hands. On the next day I did it again, because I can, I learned I can take revenge in, considering the ego of my species, adequate way. This human concept thing is a trap! This might sound hippie-like or whatever-like, sad enough we need a -like, keeping us under ward, to go after different human concept.
So I decided to found my own state. A state needs an headquarter. So I rent a house. A state needs to earn cash to trade with the outside world, an existential must even for humanoids. So I sign a contract for one year. A state needs to provide exchange, so we will set up a school. A state needs relief, so there will be a ping pong table. A state needs to be prepared, a punching bag will teach us to fight on a par. I will be there and life will evolve. And state needs its own guards, so we founded the Buffalo Shit Riders, uniting my khmer brothers.
The Buffalo Shit Riders had its acceptance process, the test of courage, last weekend, on the 8th of february 2015. The founding members, the originals are The Boss, Mr. Solution, Mr. Lonely, The Dooo Man and me, the Stuntman. Two new members been proven to join. The incentive, first we have to learn how to walk on buffalo shit before we ride it. Flip flops off and straight into the piles of shit, four in number. To keep it short, after five rounds it started to get smelly, stirred by six feet stamping courageous and silly the shit creamy, reanimating fermentation. I have friends here they go with me through dusty and creamy. Friends I like to call brothers. Good boys. Magnificient hearts. I like my life here in Siem Reap, how it turns in the last couple of days, my decision I make, even if it mostly feels like erratic, but walking down the safe way isn´t an option, was it ever? I am super excited about the next months. A road turns into a square, with a traditional built cambodian house and a huge garden around.
So let´s twist a bit and run mad!