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I am living in an old wooden house with a world of moskitos in it. And I honestly wouldn´t mind, even the mean night whistle I could stand, but their blood lust, not compatible. Against the rules of a nice come together. So I kill them whenever one of this suckers crosses my way, with bare hands. And I don´t care. I am vegetarian. I mean I am not. But in a spiritual way. And not even that. But. I would care if it´s a cat or a snake. Killing relies on a purpose. Even if it´s just for the process itself. I choose my victims. By what I would call taste. As simple as that. We exhume our surrounding until there is only our arrogance left. We claim we want to live in peace, but we disrespect the easiest rule, not to rule. We decided our fears, our right to fight them, to hunt them down. We classified and created an evolution, a human theory. An extinction of every being. We supervised our achievement to serve us, as an object of reflexion, to put us in a better position of understanding and domestication. Why is an insect less worth than a human? Because a human can reach more in lifetime than a moskito. Measured in human time and acknowledgment of performance. How can we claim by subdueing, killing, cutting, slicing, chopping, sipping, devouring existence outrageous, like a mutant with human gene infected moskito, that we deserve to give this what we call planet a try. Instead we stick our greed deep into and clench everything we can to create an image of us, to show our mother´s land and the world, the universe, everybody has to know, what we are able to do. We hang up images of our inventions, achievements and genius. We create even our own gods as a proof of our resistibility. We want to let the universe know, we are coming for you, because this earth will be ready to transform in a different stage of life soon. The poison we left down there, when we sticked our greedy lust into the earth, a land of being, is creeping through every tiny gap, never-healed scars telling the endlessness of war and exploitation. We are doing a lousy job, seriously, we should consider that when we start next time to think. And we might have a session talking about this ongoing production and representing of evidence of having the biggest dick in the universe. A big bang of descent. And if we think through this, as a human, we first maybe come to the conclusion, this sounds pretty masculine. We classified everything, even who has to stay in power. What a blow up. So I keep on killing moskitos, classified blood sucker killer. Is it simple like that? I see. I do see. And I feel disconnected. But not like I miss to be connected, because I can not imagine how it feels like. And that is simply sad. I am living in a world I neglect to understand, because it feels more consuming a fat sopping double supreme XXL burger than the truth. And both exist only in the human world anyway. Whom to blame for this pile of rotating shit in the masterpiece of existence is well-known. We are stucked in a machine room without any tools to maintain what we installed. And through a small rusty gap we can see the sky, our theorie of escapism, because the human world can not be big enough. And we put all our pride and heroism, our narcissism and our survivability together and go back to work to keep things running. Rather than die for a reason. At least take the challenge to consider the worst, we had our chance. And I frankly speaking don´t care about what comes after me, if there is a world to live in for the next generations. I am not a nationalist so why should I be a humaniscist. Finally we, all being, have to deal every day with the same setting. Earth. Unfair chances for everyone, that´s how nature likes it. But our kids! But why we have to use them for finding an excuse to start to think. What is with all the childless, they waste their time and have a seat in the parlament? And what is with all the other kids… the nameless ones. This kid thing, you humiliate yourself. We don´t want to maintain anymore, we have to break through! Escape. Delete. Reboot. Reconfiguration. No return. Understand! – But how? How to get in control again of something which is control by humans, who lost control. How to get in control of something without taking control? How to find a solution for a problem which was not created by sanity? Which is not thinkable anymore. Creating a mad competitor? Rest in peace. So what is this all about? I don´t know. I don´t like moskitos and I was questioning myself why I feel bad to kill them. And I see my big hands approaching, casting, enclosing and the shady trap snaps and that´s it. Finish. I didn´t even know its species. Only a name humans gave them. How foolish our action appears even when you look close by yourself, as a human. But it is so obvious, the depression of this world. When did we lost our sense of empathy and our thankfulness. As we invented fire? Steel? Self-awareness? First there was something you won´t ever know – god bless! – and then after, there was man, so be aware of that. We are a virus, not a new theorie. We are a virus inside our own creation, we planted us there, in a designed system we call world, with all its little lovely creatures in it. We don´t have an idea of how we harm the world in whatever kind of reality. And we keep on firing the machine. Everything has been said already for a numberless time. Shown. Executed. And you can not name me one country in this world which government is not corrupt. For a species who wants to teach me about a world I am born into by coincidence, this result with all its conclusions is a poor move. If you are in bad company you try to get rid of this stinky waste of time. Basically we accept a daily, 24 hour, twentyfour hour, punishment for just the pleasure of time. A WASTE. We all should take a step aside and look at us, for a while, as long as it takes. In case one of us forgets how this gonna end. We all should but we can´t, because we are as poor as our moves. No special powers. No superhero mental maniac features. Just a carnal growth with a strong desire to burn its bony but sweet looking wings, again and again until our arrogance swallows us with all our tiny world stuff. Sometimes I ask for someone – don´t ask me where – who wakes us up, who turns us upside down, like you do with a wild rageous kid. If you just look around you, wherever you are, and think about the efforts it cost to create this, to make this happen and to let it happen, to protect it from you – we are domesticated. That´s sad. Let´s find something not as sad as the downfall.