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As I am far away from Europe, physical and mentally trapped, my scorn still works. I don´t know you very well, but hey who cares, you don´t know yourself and you are not that kind of a cosmopolitan type, right? So who´s talking about respect anyway. But let´s talk straight, you wouldn´t like me either, so why da fuck you don´t just find yourself a wall, face it and smash your head against as long as you are alive, just to be sure all your brain cells are effective dead. This is your world and it will hurt you soon or later. Maybe it did already, that´s why you are soaked with narrow-mindedness and ignorance, seriously, consider being more than the consistent wind of your movement. Why you give us all a hard time blaming the society, reminding, warning the society of its contaminated subground. It´s too late anyway, for you and for the ones who deserved to survive, to cut your throat as wide as your people can deploy, may a wave of your foul-smelling life flood the emptiness of your followers. And if you drown, we drown. – Ridiculous!
In a democratic state everyone, who is an approved citizen of its sovereign borders and legislation, is allowed to make the world known, even if this means you shit in your own throat and bubble for the amusement of your foolish tail. And amusement sells best.
In a democratic state people vote leaders to deal with their worries and fears, a leadership to organize routine. We are too employed and relevant to care about the meaning of our being. We beg with might and immaturity too be guided. We worship an idea, we kill and let people be killed for being born in another state, democratic or not. For the amusement of money, because greed feeds best.
And we are surprised this system produces blackouts. Scapegraces jumping on stage, us pointing on them in their menacing simplemindedness. Throwing on them our shame, our desperation, our mendacity and frustration, the awareness, we are not different, but less loud. How embarrassing for a society, which can afford leaders. How embarrassing if simplemindedness is a threat.
I hear you screaming, to be recognized as a better, a decent, a right-minded. Your slogans, claims and emotional rage – break-outs and expression of your anger and lack of understanding for those, who are breaking the rules. We are accepting war, we know people are killed, tortured, dehumanized every day, men by men and the aftermath lasts as long as hate finds slogans, claims and charism – we want to look good, if we save the world.
We are not courageous enough to rethink the concept, because men created something, which doesn´t exist and exists in everyone of us, humans. What a lostness this must produce. But we find shelter, at home, on a functional level and double standarded. We swear a manifest of an ethical and moral confidence, a manifest never been written, teached by the impacts manhood had to crawl through, conclusions never been perceived, values never been approved or dissected, only by the rays of morbid furiousness and the light at the end of the bunker´s tunnels.
We are one person, one idea, one voice of armor. We are the guards and the wrath. We created this and you fuckers don´t belong here with your exclusivley polemic radicalism, your willingness to have a better life than us other, being as stupid as fuck. You stay put. We are all in this together. We go through this, shut da fuck up, cannon fodder, out of sight! We have problems to solve, you are not close to see us consternated. We know you are out there, with your sadness and lostness-ravaged desperation. But you have to understand, you are not helpful!