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“You are always so quite. I barely know you. So?” You cares? – I am the Listener, you talk, that’s how it works or boring for almost both of us.
Are my lights on?
Have I payed the beers?
Have I or did I?
I shouldn’t ride anymore. Maybe.
Am I a mysterious guy? Secrets don’t mean curiosity answers to –
Wow I don’t really – see – focus – how beautiful. Fullmoon. Dogs barking a howling disharmonic symphony.
This road leads to – Am I lost? My first night back in Siem Reap and I continue irresponsibility. Not remember how I reached so far. Am I already driving? Just in case I take this dream serious and bring us home. On my hellhound.
The stars… no stay focused. Eyes on the road. Dip into the dust. Fullmoon. Where is it? I am glad to be home soon. My beautiful greenish paradise.
Very dark here. Switch lights on! Why my light so pale? Not helpful.
Ah it’s good to be back, even home is somewhere. Somehow. Sitting on my motorbike drunken, riding excellent slowly hopefully. Rather fall off a stance than a stunt.
Stoned. Road shit. The last part is ok. Less dusty. Misty. Red. Corny throat.
Tomorrow? I don’t know. We will see. First back. Sleep. Or enjoy. Sleep better.
No more lights. Crickets electrifying the air.
When we buy the frocks. Sure that frocks is correct, stupid english, don’t know their own language. Buffalo Shit Riders. Eventually a crew. Khmer Brotherhood. Love it. How much it cost. Fuck off money.
In the dark a city smells less, seeing not the bubbling assholes.
Here we go, my gateway, my exit.