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“Rich people don´t sleep, they always worry, someone steals their money, breaks the lock and take everything. Poor people sleep very well, nothing to worry.” Acting a pleased man leaning back and closing his eyes full of grace. He is nepalese, living in Denmark, being on holiday, visiting his friend, from Kathmandu, born in north india. I arrived at Nagarkot, after a seven hours hike, adequate – how can you not fall in love with a country which names its villages like black metal bands. We are sitting around a fireplace, with us a tremendously, sketchy annoying drunken nepalese tibetian chinese we won´t discover if he is a spy, a douche, a misguided spiritual man, an alcoholic or just a gay guy, who claims for attention. Maybe a bit of everything.
“No living being wants to suffer.” Why thou man reaches compromisses every day, suffering the consequences and consequently make other people suffer by men´s surviving strategy, suffering under the reign of joy and choices, believing being a good person, because you understand the ease of existence, let you appear in an empty spotlight, dark it might be around you, don´t you bring light to your chambers by the ignorance of self-awareness. One fortune cookie quote after another this night. Whiskey. Pollen. And stars… endless falling stars, down from the outside into the endlessness of presence and our restrictive perception. The Himalaya receded, the universe passing through. I was that close to, I nearly dared to stick my finger through one of the myriad of holes in the annular eclipse, me standing in the center, shot.
“Brother, what do you think? We are interested, because you are older, so that means you lived more years than us. That is why we always respect.” “Except the younger ones.” “They have to respect us.” “You shouldn´t respect anyone or anything because it is older than you, brother. Might also means, a person had more time to posion the world with his ideas and quotes.” Living in poverty doesn´t mean living a life of balance (with nature) and on an higher level of awareness, I guess, because I never was poor, it means being more aware of how you survive, less artifical, pathetic and epic, demanding balance, even though madness is your stick to keep you vertical, upright. We lay down to rest, more lay down to die. “I think the poor person can´t sleep, because he is afraid he might not wake up on the next day. Humans learned to exclude. Suffering as a human is avoidable and we are teached we have to fight everything, which makes us suffer. Pain is our enemy and everyone who tries to enforce. But I think pain and to suffer is part of living. You end up in religious or fluffy quotes like you told us, because a world, nature without pain can´t survive. Or do you think pain should distinguish whom it overcomes, who deserves or not, who is right and wrong. Ok, that´s pathetic. You see, I will never be poor, I would die before.” Walking around, being open-minded, talking, sharing, setting up rules how to become a better person, believe in rules, doesn´t change anything, not in your life, not others. You have to change first and this is not about prosperity or poverty, this is about whom I have to kill to change my life for the majority of living beings. The hippies, the peacemakers, the pacifists, the pussies and the puppies, they are the real dropouts, the junk of nature. Without spys, soldiers, killers, assassinators, murderers, blood in blood out, who protect the non-violators, the guys, who need to administrate, control and keep everything together, the tribes busy and in place. Everyone and everything is in its place where it meant to be, because there is no path from which we went astray, we humans.
Is a cat in Nepal a cat or is it a nepalese cat? Is a pig born in Germany a german pig, different to a chinese pig? Does it make a difference or basically a pig is not a cat. Men is able to domesticate, by the power of killing, a cat, because a cat can’t speak to us, even we do understand an animal in its basic needs, survival and secure survival. What testifies intelligence, to industrialize killing or to respect life as a gift and being able to survive its anamoly, in its varity of elemental constellations. This planet, what we call world, created by men and men as a favour in return. As an selfish act of acknowledgment, creat it’s own world, godnesses and idols as an artifical concept of natural progress – not as a model of improvement – as a domesticator and violator against its own, its world and its nature. I don’t believe in peace and harmony, it doesn’t exist, only as part of an alienate planet.
“So, no, I don´t think this is right to say, I think sleeping calm, enjoy happiness in our life is not a sign of improvement or a step to enlightment.”