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Thanks to everyone, who didn´t send me silly “Merry Christmas” wishes. – No, you do because this is what you do, I don´t wish you a happy “Merry apocalypse” as well, right? After an amazing chat with a street seller, who approached me interested in where I am from, not because of soccer or Adolf Hilter, but because of Frankfurter Schule. He blew my mind. He understands more than you with your silly red santa heads and articial and flexible, like a stripped bamboo, reflection. – It´s so much fun, I know. And I don´t have kids, I know. Poor kids. Isn´t this the disaster about? Worship and sacrifice a day, the arrival of doom, torture and dehumanization? Jesus birthday? A birthday of a mad man, who fought the injustice of life with the capacity of separation, in the name of mastery. Hang out black flags!