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Early morning I jumped on a bus from Dambulla back to Kandy, on my way down to the south coast, getting bored of rain and mist, even though I don´t really need sand between my tows, but mud, humid highland climate, sticky clothes, messy shot, more Buddhas, more temples, I welcome the beach! Beside I have a ligamental strain, this time at my left foot, again, so walking is not a road anyway. Yeah, Sri Lanka and me, still… I want to be in a at least hiking condition in less than three weeks, when I will arrive in Kathmandu. So I hobbled on the bus to Kandy, 100 rupees for a stance, for 2 hours, good morning, excercise! I was with one other white, senior, not dislikeable, calm, enjoying, with a spit of humor, assuming he is an experienced traveler, and in particular as I watched him how he caught up with locals, respectful and humble, the way, the only way you should, white or whatever kind of colour, traveler or host. But at this time we didn´t talk, just crossing gazes. Standing in a loaded bus with a speedy driver, you focus first on grips and a firm stand. After a chat with a local, “Hey man, you listen to metal?”, telling me he will fly tomorrow to Japan for an exchange to finish his engineering, spotting a twitchy excitement in his eyes. Education is free in Sri Lanka, even the school uniform is provided till the 11th degree, then they seperate the weed from the butt. Of course it is, like everywhere, a save mark to be from a wealthy family, even though there are scholarships, lots of move oversea, especially Sri Lankans engineers are a precious export product – and programms as well to encourage young people to stay, someone has to maintain the agriculture development. Who takes care of the weed then. Talking about weed. beside the fact that it is dangerous to buy or smoke, like in every asian country, and beside I don´t want to be wasted when I travel, awareness is the best shot of memory, I don´t like to motivate young pusher to sell to foreigners, motivate them not to think about a change. They charge certainly more, so best business, but selling to tourists is quite a higher risk to be caught green-handed. So buying means taking care of their path down behind bars. “Are you a smuggler?” my metalheaded friend asked. “Haha, why?” “You look like. – But you know smuggler.” Finally a lovely guy, a bit too admiring maybe. “Yes, I do. To what kind of metal you listen?” “I like Firewind. And you?” I didn´t know where to start and fortunately the next curve pitchforked us to another topic, back to the loony driver. But we arrived as safe as always, in Kandy. Jumped off the bus and start walking straight to my former stay, where Jose was waiting for me, my good company. Caught up with the other white, “Where you go, you have already accommodation?” “No, not yet. So where you go?” I told him I know a nice place, he should have a look, quite, familiar atmosphere, sort of cheap and close to the lake´s shore, which is a busy fumy road anyway. So we walked together. His name is Jaime from Brazil, living in the States, so holding an american, brazilian and italian, where his ancestors come from, passport – a traveler´s wonderland! This trip he decided to travel as an italian, having a transfer in Spain and they not really like the brazilians. An experienced traveler and very likable type of. It seems I am better with seniors than young party bashers and honeymoon couples – surprisingly. We arrived, he decided to stay, I introduced Jose. We sat down, enjoyed our welcome tea. We echanged some traveler stories. Where we have been already, where we want to, and why not somewhere welse. Jose was starting to tell his favorite anecdote about the random hassle putting up at hostels, in dorms, about room mates complaining you are snoring, farting whatever. “YOu know, when I stayed in Israel, there was this canadian guy” – Jaime interrupted, questioning when Jose was there, in Jerusalem. “4 years ago.” “I knew I met you before.” The canadian, who complained about Jose´s sleeping routine, had the bed between him and Jaime. What an amazing coincidence. We laughed and laughed. The world becomes a turd of a fly, if you know how to use your wings and spend the value of time. I love the roads and the crossings. Beautiful. Thank you guys for being a part of.