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Sitting inside the AC-cooled fastfood-hall of Pizza Hut, directly at the window, a display window, with a bunch of tuk tuk drivers outside, pointing at me with forefingers and puffed up eyeballs, applying for permission to take a picture, feeling a bit odd and alienated, looking at a begging mother, sitting beside the driver´s excited and impatiently hopping feet, on the sidewalk, with her (or a) crying kid in her desperate embracement, spoiling my appetite – in a highly and only salutary way, during I am wolfing down the cheesy fast baked paste, just not to have eat rice again. I am thinking of ordering her a pizza, because I don´t like to give money. How silly. – I don´t know how it works here. But who cares, she will care, if nobody provides some bills.
Perspectives hopefully never stop changing.