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Bohol. Paluan. Beautiful island to have a break. Even though, as expected, for my taste a bit too touristic. So I surrender as I arrived at the port, being ultrahigh on the fresh salty breeze, the sea and her romantic expanse and juicy petting. Drifted by tourist tours, beach fronts, fruit sellers and, again, pimps – “Only 200 pesos, cheap, students, they need money”. White scumbags exploiting filipino students. Easy living. Chocolate Hills. A weary micro tarsier farm, watching tourists shooting the tiny cute sissies. Butterfly farm, watching a wood spider cocooning a butterfly. Visiting destroyed churches, which is sort of fun, although it was not possible to enter. Ruins of insanity still resisting the wrath of god. Seems that someone was angry, I recognized only churches or chapels affected by the earthquake, less than a year ago, which has a lasting effect on tourism. Construction carcasses spreaded around the island. Anyway. Who cares, right. Beautiful and cheap filipinas and the white sand beaches are not even less wonderful, a haven for a senior postcard-paradise.
Locals are as lovely as expected, as everywhere here or elsewhere, inviting me for coconut juice, rhum or to marry their daughter.
The island itself doesn´t catch me as you might recognise. A black hole of inspiration. More charging, less turnout. Not like at places before. To touristic maybe, no crossroad to escape. No hills to trek, no tribes, no cultural or spiritual depth. Dead faint. But I don´t want to blame Bohol, maybe I just need to have a break, after this intense first two weeks on the Philippines. Finding a place which I would love to call home is quite an emotional impact, isn´t it. Still struggling with cold as well, so I had to omit the dive with the whale sharks as well. Snorkeling? Heard it´s astonishing. Laziness is my choice, spiced with joyrides around the island. I more and more realize, my elements are fire and earth, flames and dust. I could just stay the whole day at the beach, staring. But there is an agitator inside of me – you pain in the arse, who can´t accept that my mind reached an overload.
I need a break. The anchor is a bit rusty.
Welcome to my holiday.