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Next, in Ho-Chi-Minh, can I please have a room with at any rate some light? Why single bedrooms so often don´t have windows? – Because solitaries enjoy share their life with walls?

Insomnia is back.And it really sucks. Energy. Strength. Nerves of steel mutate to a slack slurry. I feel like I could sleep for days. Thinking of learning some meditation practices on the Philippines. I truly wanna get rid of these nights, in a row. I read if you are awake three times per week more than three hours go to a specialist. I can hardly remember when I slept without imagine how nice would be sleeping now. Running freaky!

Leaders, dictators, desecraters, biggest assholes of the world, FUCK YOU!!! Manhood, FUCK YOU too. How can we accept the fact that a bunch of idiots, for whom we elected – systemically choiceless, and their ideas, heavy brain diarrhoea caused by capitalist curiosities, pitch planet earth into black, again and again and again… reading their speeches, so called proposals, solutions for good – you survive, we live, without asking anyone or questioned by everyone, who has to suffer their fallibility, makes me desire a death star.
What solution I have? I don´t have. I don´t have to. I don´t create, reign and enrich myself, because I don´t give a shit. Solutions are for ideas and ideas follow paths, which never meant to search.
We are all illusionists. We should use this developed ability to place a difference, not targeting one reality. I hate you world, me, us, for this probably unavoidable ignorance.
All the isms, religions, sciences, discoveries, cognitions are worse than useless as long as nature – Surprise surprise! We are a part of – dies on frantic ground.
Fuck hope. I don´t hope. Hope is a product, designed by man to fence empathy and sympathy, you can literally sell or buy it, don´t know what is more despicable. Returning to the concept of conception…