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One of the most expensive suites in Siem Reap costs 1.200 $ a night. Lower middle class? Only fall, no rise. You don´t even fall. – If you have no social security, no health protection, no state support at all, there are not many options for an improvement left, to express the situation irrational. Rational you are fucked and there is nothing left than stay alive. You are born in poverty, you stay in the dirt.

The east sends the exploitatory manufactured and cheap products, commissioned by the west, to the west and the west its loosers to the east. These dropouts, flotsam, digging for gold abroad, arriving here with nothing but expactations become suddenly teachers, artists, designers, businessmen – expats in wonderland. Not interested in sustainability at all, just surviving like kings and queens. Industrialized cannibalism. Designed colonalism.
Textiles produced in Cambodia are imported to Europe – we all know about the bloody strings. From the Third World the textiles are donated, after the trend or the shit has done the job, worn-out, pierced, gone to seed, for so called good, back, back to the source, back to wonderland, for being sold in vintage stores, to mostly tourists, who freak out on having found something named old-fashioned – retro – before, showing off back home in the office their discoveries. Weird, ha?!

So I am a … writer (not, I write not to forget and remind myself to analyse) … photographer (not, I shoot, because I love the sort of neutral medium between me and my surrounding) … tattoo artist (not, I poked myself and love to share a moment of pain) … model (not, I hate to be in the shot, in the spotlight in general, but I love to make other people feel special) … DJ (not, I just like to listen to MY music) … teacher (not, but I love to learn from “my students” and develop together ideas) … designer (YES, because I fucking have to earn money to afford living)