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Why do I want to stay here in Siem Reap in particular?
I feel I could be someone here, I mean, not the mayor and not the village idiot, clown, gangster or again another bum or inmate. – What a stupid mind. Friends, I have friends here and I know the place, makes it pretty (annoying) comfortable to move around. You know your shops, your bars and how to stay out of trouble and if not so, how to stand the freakshow. Reminds me a bit of home.

Why do I want to stay away, away from home?
Still believe there is a different home, more homes, lots of homes, I´d like to life, stay, pass.
I want to shoot and note, catching the dirt, hold in pixels, letters and ink. This is my legacy. – Dear my unborn kids, stay where you are, not a lot to skin.
Moving serves me with a structure, like a religion with its daily prayers, routine as a pattern of a venturous crutch. The past years my structure was struggling with an idea of love and diverting with my success at work, a fundamentalist belief in security and delusion, from a lack of character, evil bitch.
Hasn´t changed something yet, I need to –

Departure: 08. September, Ho-Chi-Minh-City (Vietnam)
Arrival: 08. September, Manila (Philippines)

Imagine me smiling.