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Cambodian selfie – “His appearance is sort of creepy. Sometimes he is staring from his apartment, from his balcony at our home, sort of he is seeking or already seeing something there. Bit of piercing the wall, but discovering hole by hole something beyond. He sits there quite often, on a folding chair, covered with black leather, nearly every evening. Smoking, about five cigarettes, randomly more and drinks tea or milk, nothing else. Half naked, wrapped in a traditional scarf. Sometimes no underwear. Creepy. He is tattooed all over. And hairy, long beard. Very disgusting. But maybe just for style. He seems to be a good man, cleaning the room and washing his clothes by himself. Probably not married yet. – Why?
Each sunday evening he gets visitors, khmer people. The same happens on tuesday and thursday, but in the morning. I spoted once something like a whiteboard inside of his living room. Maybe he is teaching. Anyway. And he takes pictures of our house, at sunset. Maybe he is lazy and doesn´t want to enjoy other foreigners.
Yesterday he was greeting and smiling at me, with his glas of milk in the left and cigarette in his right. He is creepy, I told you.”