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Middle East. Ukraine. Russia. Iraq. Afghanistan. Ebola. Facebook. – We are a disease. If the fall of mankind would rival, rumble, fight kill die on my ground, on me, on us, in mother´s womb, mother earth, wherever that bitch is bearing her sorrow, I would blast or have a blast. Void or popcorn.
I am following the news. I am following your news, your point of view, your posts, your comments, your efforts to educate, to learn, lurking. Your efforts to illuminate. With your mobile devices and subjective probability, consternation and fallibility. – We reproduce. We create what we have seen. We are what we see. And how we are being sighted. Do you really think what we see is what we see? Guess Coca Cola is more in the likeness of God than any of your statues, temples or churches. Do you really think you see the difference? How to accept the anticlimax, basically dying, instead of manufacturing conspiracies and fairy-tales? I wanna be then the dragon, please. There are already too many? So enlarge the world, what´s the problem. You shrinked it to a intense smelly fart of rotting lords and creations, so why there can´t be many dragons in this world, in your world, our world, my world as well, if you remember beyond your crowning glory.
Yes I do, I admit, I don´t have an opinion about mankind. What is it? Sort of a pack of rats, surviving and surviving, stressing one´s tether. But who is this “one”, this thing, it, whose throne we are praising and demonizing, which is finally hilarious, but it is part of us, of our belief, trust and surviving. The one is the consciousness of our conscience, rooting in inexplicability and alienation. Maybe.
I do know, that I know nothing. I only know what you teached me, mankind, and I do now, that most of it is thesis, a bold statement, drowning in shiftlessness – how to manage the fact, that nobody would miss us. Maybe some mosquitos, tigers, sharks or zebra crossings. Or the bunch of bashed-up dudes, wearing shirts like “I am still your God!” or “Who created this body?”. Nobody is interested in mankind, only we are, narcissistic hellhounds.
We all try to survive, as best as we can, as prepared as we are. Growing shamefaced and aware of, this is not a fucking game, daughters and sons, this is life. We obey, we serve, we please, ourselves and the crowd meaning the system meaing its rules and limits. We are limited by birth, wrong by life.
In the last days I read some of your posts, far more interesting, your comments. About your cringingness and immaturity. Hell damn! You pose a bloody proper piece of my lostness. I want to go, there, to that spot of your crayoned world, about you judge, punishing its inhabitants, its history and inadequacy of your ken, Barbie! You fuckin pussy.
If we could see the bars created by mankind, planet earth would appear properly like a gore-spitting pincushion, pierced, slashed, soaked with agony and tears, called freedom. Your servileness reminds of the simplicity of freedom, realizing the bars.
We all want to be free. Free to create, free to express, free to be inspired, free to move, free to feel free. Behind the bars, freedom is an illusion, regardless on which side you are. Freedom needed to be established as humans started to establish property and wealth, to protect and defend. Freedom is like Coca Cola, it is an idea of a better life, lasting only for the greed for more. More freedom means less maturity.
A young man was detained in Berlin last week, after disturbing the clarification of a brawl. He was not cooperative. He was disrespectful, with his cockeyed clown nose, alternatively dressed – world-saving and a taste of peace between the fair-traded imported garment. Anyway, a human. A citizen not following the so called peacekeepers, the rules, the law and its executive. The police didn´t treat him not very obliging, disobeying their honour. They pressed the clown down to the ground, argueing that this lighheaded man has resisted, kicked him with knees in his ribs and whatever you can´t see in the clip, posted on facebook. The clip is already cut and the part of when he disturbed the police doing their duty, is missing. Poor clown. Poor policemen. The clown is now attacked not following the rules, the law and the policemen are denounced as rowdies. Obviously both is true. And it is also true, that both of them choosed their side. But finally rowdies shouldn´t claim to defend, especially not the society from intruding clowns, wherever they came from – thank you 1968.
Is it wrong to shoot a man after he fucked your wife? Does it depend on the values of marriage, if I accept them or not and if I don´t wanna obey, because I am not a product and I don´t want to be treated like a product, resting behind bars, hoping the reaper will pick me up next time. The planetary welfare, frankly the economic well-being is our value and it is still more important than killing clowns. The subjective well-being, seems so, still needs to find its place, on a bar-pierced planet, conquered and terrorized by a minority.
My sympathy belongs to the majority, because I would rather die with them, embracing and secured by a feeling of humanity, than with a fistful of gold in my ass.

Finally, I don´t give a shit about this clown, honestly. I don´t give a shit about your morality, but I like to see people laugh and if this clown does his work more proper not speared by bars, go on and fight your personal judges, they deserve at first to be sentenced.
Or where was the tiger again, the tiger, let the tiger into the arena!

Hail bread and circuses!