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The sixth power cut today. The fourth after sunset. The quarter is drowning in black. A sinking ship in a drained ocean. As blackness revolting, conquering pitching clouds, out of a sudden, as day has not seen light yet, a brief and well-trained outcry of an not less habitual disappointment is murmuring into the shades of shadelessness. Silence covers the disappeared light. Instant motionlessness. Regaining orientation, sight and habit. A couple of seconds later torches start their search. Flickering flashes. Enlightening refractions, halos of a dark kingdom. Kind of thieves, hunting their possessions. Some metallic bowls get kicked, doging over catty ground and spinning a finale dance. Dazzled gravity seem to sound more stodgy hidden in the dark. Clearer and thrilling. A dog barks. His yap an abyss of autopsy, rotten shredded flesh trembling in his bit. I can exactly smell the dog´s dread. The cats on the rooftop opposite my balcony don´t care at all, they keep the orgy mewing, as generous and dirty as possible. Randomly motorbikes illuminate the decelerating streets and its pitch-black holes behind the corners. I can hardly claim, that something has changed. The blackness is edging our senses, sort of an instinctive response. – Sharpen the spears! The quarter raises more sorted in its movement and immobility. Stagnation in black. No moon, no shine, no bright starlight, but stumbling nightlife. Couple of minutes later a generator starts stammering. The dog barks, again. Cats mewing, still. A second generator starts, accordingly its noise, might be a snobby one. A monster tractor harvesting light. The fan on my room starts rotating again. The darkness performs a clattering fuss, kicking the famous orchestra of crickets off stage.
And suddenly, illumination! A short and wonderful illusion of sunrise. A sunrise quicky. And sort of in a film studio, SIEMWOOD, back to work, lights on and shut da fuck up! The generators start stuttering before they´ll remain silent as black as light. The quarter is painted in colours again and business returns to its posts – just as usual.