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Once upon a time a new Smarts saw the light of the day. The Smarts are a bunch of rebelious kids, wearing weird masks, for protection they claim. And showing off with their human friends. Stylish wild things. But actually deep under their masks and covers they are a credit to the Devices, mostly served and synchronized properly. Like their elder, the Tablets, more in their midlife crisis, acting weird, seek to replace the – so called by them – senior generation. Bunch of revolutionists they pretend to be. But the Laptops and Desktops still kept the power in their processors, smooth and classy in their appearance. All in all the Devices, the four families lived pretty peaceful together. Till it was born. It named by a sign on the basket in which it was found. Metal.
Metal was slim. Not to say, skinny. No judging. Skinny is alright. But a little bit more grip in your hands sometimes doesn´t miss the picture. Anyway. It was a good Device, kind of solitary, because Metal was damned to be out of fashion. Well it was not the featured one, more medium, average, but with a strong heart, not like this multi-all-in-one snobs, out of breath after a couple of here and there. Metal was not interested anyway. But it picked up a word one day, which it can´t release. It captured it, like a dream of something, you know you dreamed and it was real, but it left, waiting for you at another connection. Metal felt very excited about, it desired with all its emotionless emoicons to communicate with the mother it heard about. The mother, Internet, they said. Such a beautiful name, Metal couldn´t delete mother, boarded all its power bars. It must be an amazing, unimaginable monstrous widen embracement to connect with. So, Metal decided to go online. It followed its brothers and sisters, from another mother. Metal was wondering – very fast – why Internet is called mother while it took the Premium-Speed-XXXL-Router to its fortune. Maybe because of the size of Internet, a small but still expanding universe, orbitting a world wide web – shortcuted “Web” how the Devices launched the other side, located far away from their tiny networks, watching them, the families´ descendants and rotten apples. After a short while it passed a station, where it was marked with a number, the IP. Metal asked if it is possible to end the IP with 666, but they didn´t even blink with a key. Well done. First bad experience at its first station of its adventure. It was getting a byte more angry. Why that all took so long. Damn it! And it found itself suddenly in the next queue. “Registration” was written on a sign, in big letters with a lot of stars superior at the top right end. This is outrageous! Metal was in internal mayhem, searching for the key, the password, it was transfered shortly after it booted at the first time. Damn, it! It was cursing itself to the Red Fires of Africa. It had no idea about this place, but it was told that it must be a horrifying and blaming-any-presence-of-mind place, created by the things the Devices call, the Bloody Servants. Where is the password! Metal could rememember, that the frequenz sounded very serious and important when it received the key, but it was so excited about discovering its abilities, so it didn´t save the password at a safe place. That must have been the information the Router needs. It was desperated. All its dreams about a new world, gone. The Web seemed to be unreachable. It reached the Port. It confessed without being questioned, because it didn´t intend to act against the law, it lost the key. The Port handed it over to queue “New Registration”, with more stars. It decoded the lightning stars as a good sign and was full of hope again. It can see the Web, imagined the impossible, possibilities creating possibilities, opportunities to fullfill possibilites. Its power bars were heavily banging.
At the Port. A window openend. They started to ask questions and it didn´t know about what they were talking about. Where it lives. Why it was here and where it found out about the Internet. Metal felt interrogated and got suspicious, so it closed the window with an emphatic click and left. It roamed around the lines. Some bugs crossing its cards. The area was getting more darksome. It lost itself, nearly empty with its power and patience. Who needs Internet anyway. Not my mother? So why I want to spend time with a fake instead of searching my real mother? It was already intensively time consuming, it thought. Time-killing! It supposed to be easy, it was told. You just have to find the Spot. Suddenly a cold wind blew through its inners and it felt like flying. Yes, it flew! And crushed like a beaten boxer into the corner.
Woken up by a head Metal felt on its body, it couldn´t remember for how long it was off, but as it booted again, its memory crossed a voice, maybe mailed by mother, “Find a Spot!” It started to hope again. The Spot! Maybe. Maybe, yes, there was hope. But something has changed. It felt its power fading. Something sucked at it, so it started to search and it found a navigator. More like a compass. It looked around, a little bit ashamed of that it didn´t discovered the compass before. Finally the compass was in its toolbox the whole time. “Anyway.”, it decided to finish its journey. It could see it was close, the compass was showing him networks, where it would be possible to connect. It heard about this places, different to the networks at home, but it didn´t know these networks provide Spots. So many of them. Now its compass was racing. It passed the first network, just not to take the first possibility, you never know for what it was good for, right. But nearly at the Gate of the network, barely still its range, Metal decided to ask. It was too excited to search further and its power was dropping quick. It was kindly offered a key to enter at a Port with a weird name, consisting of the letters, H, O, M and E. At the Spot they also erased the IP and assigned a new one, again, no 666 at the end. But that didn´t matter at all. It was one touch away from connecting to the mother, to the Internet! It felt proud and brave, taking this long journey just by itself. Its friends, they sometimes order inferiors to make an appointment and connect them with mother, but it wanted to find its mother on its own. Just like a hero. It lightened and out of a sudden words, voices, music, clips, video and indescribable more was popping up. It was overpowered. In its body more lights started to blink, shapped like bars, an alert and before it realized, darkness. – Don´t forget your charger at home when you go on a long journey.

If you might meet mother, as a rough guide, never do something, which you wouldn´t do at home.