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I fuckin dislike facebook. Yes, facebook, you are right, you are not humanoid enough to be hated. I only have a bored dislike for you. You got too many assholes in tow. I was that close to comment one of your assholes´ posts. So close and fortunately I back-pedaled, but with a plank like a frigate. Chinese worker stitched SOS cry for help in a trouser, second time in the last weeks. Primark is the name of the company, a british company, not giving a shit about working conditions or the workers itself. Sure, there are the very emotionalized people, they are shocked and their whole idea of consumption is collapsing, for a day or so, to realize, “Oh, I just bought a shirt at Primark, wasn´t that the company, which…” Knowledge is better than isolation. And, you couldn´t predict it worst, but there are more than many amazing dumb blinded assholes around, my holy dickhead! “the working codnitions can´t be that bad when they go there to work voluntary every day.” And of course, “Well, it is better than nothing.” Where to start with? Or just don´t and finish this misery with a headshot, short and sweet. I mean, sure, new humans are born and they have to get in touch with the hack called world first, but, can you imagine? Seriously?!!! There are still people in this planet and alive, thinking of poverty as a lack of ambition or courage. And not a matter of their inattention and prosperity. By the way, we are all poor living in such a cruel and misanthropic creation of men.
“Why I think there is a connection between?” Slavery, prostitution, sex trafficking, rape, violation, abuse, drugs – where you think this suffocation comes from! Because humans are bad? Evil? Passionate sins on their way to purification? By birth? By nature? Even if, we own some damn brains to think with, before we breath, at latest after we exhaled. It´s a choice you make. You wanna be an asshole? Go for it. Don´t be suprised if you wake up one day and the world is just a black spot in the pitch black of existence.
I don´t claim I am a good guy. There are people in this world, thank nature, they doing better, far more. Whenever I am back, I will not buy my clothes at H&M or other companies known well for their responsible and sustainable ideas about modern slavery. I don´t do my shopping there, because it´s shit. And I give a shit about where it comes from, yes. Made in Bangladesh? Made in Cambodia? I have seen the effects on people and society with my own eyes. I felt the strangling, the shame, the unjustifiable consumption, the wrong, the bad and the failings. In the end, I am to narcissistic. And it is my choice to be, because I like to. Instead of blocking the codes, the rules, the conformity. Wearing a beard and cover yourself with tattoos is not against the codes. It is just an expression. A mark of disheartenment. Why care at all? Because we are captured by us. Us, who accept and inspire the Creation every day the instability, the imbalance of existence as weakness, injustice, wealth, poverty, hunger, war, atrocities, dishumanization. We are the problem, not the system, the trading, the law, the servants or the nature – we organized already the pathetic fallacy anyway. We are, you are the colleague of the chinese worker, who asks you for help. You are sitting next to him with your trousers on, he made, watching him, his family and his village, a whole country and continent, dying. Because it is their choice. They force themselves to work for less than 100 $ per month. “Yes, they maybe like a basic life, who knows. Easy work, more time fo your family. I would love to, but you know, I have my position and I also have responsibility. My neighbour just planted his own garden, so his family will reach a level of self-sustaining, they are less dependent, no more queueing, no more genetic modified food, a better health, a better life. I agree, consumption and money has a bad influence on menkind, we should start to think about this and be more independent. I thought about buying a house in the mountain region, far from civilization. Animals, nature, the kids would love it and you can come and visit us or stay with us when the bomb is dropped.” So we all live in peace and harmony together, the rest of the best, right? Nice. Really nice. Really fuckin great! I like the idea!!! – I have to learn to punch people, straight and hard.
I hope I will be able to distinguish more and more, between my satisfaction and my responsibility. I meet some great people here. We are not alone, but they are, someday they will recognize, and too late. I wish, even if I am one of them.

Shortly after publishing this article, I read a post in a group named “Expats and locals living in Siem Reap”. Over 150 comments about “Where can I eat the best burger in Siem Reap?”. You know, just sayin´.