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Don´t sacrifice yourself for gods or men. Even not to these people called friends. Every relation is a racket, betraying your shame and embarassing with intimacy. Every relation is love. Obviously love is as obsolete as a root on bottomless ground – addled, barbarous and doomed poor forefront of a looming dead end loop.
Stop loving people, just call them friends. There is less devastating than love. Don´t accept love, avoid touching or more horrifying, being touched. – Kiss of a hellhound! Lusting lips. Blackened ice. Have a sunny apocalypse.
Pick your odds and ends and walk, reluctant but clandestinely. Walls without bricks. Shut the doors. No survival kit shit, just leave, leave your shame. Leave the adorable hearts. Leave your barking kitty. Drown it, shred into pieces, boil, dry, burn and blow it in the windy oblivion. Bomb the atmosphere, burry the ground, lest each resting atom may be fade in the eternal stretch of void.
What all that means? I got no fuckin idea, my friend.