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Life is weird. Every self-aware being – so far menkind classified its surrounding – might emphasize this as a fact, more or less. Nor in a good neither in a different way, prevailing possibilities, negating the abscence of dialectics.
Life rules everything. If you wanna change something, you have to bother life. This shifts, sometimes everything. All of a sudden there are possibilites, zillion, arising between the common bonds, belting your copy of the univers tight. Sometimes more possibilites you could have ever imagined. You expected a change, you get an upside down move in return, being impatient, huffy, desperated, sparkling, whatever your intension was. If you ever felt reigning, this is the point to kick arrogance and be humble. Crawl.
Life the Creator.
Life is God.
Life is not a brick in your ass, it´s the tomb you are shitting in.
Oh my God! – Escaping the responsibility to live.
Life is different. – life is never different, just depends on how you live it.
Life is never beautiful, cruel, unfair, unjustly, out of balance.
Life is not God if you believe. God can never change life, it only changes your perspectives.
I love my life. Your life is more than you see, you can listen to, your understanding as an effort realizing the big picture – at which shabby place this is hanging around. If you love your life you also love the aftermath, accepting the world how it is, as black as it is under the flickering lights of dreams, desires, shallow horizons, advertisement, marketing, politics, money, sexuality and your damn right to have fun.
Life is like reality, a word, a concept to ease your hilarious megalomania.
Life is an idea.
And your idea is, you want to live.
So do something with your life, in your life! – Most people they do, tryin´ to reach something, create, translating the big picture, give life a chance to be, to happen, what kind of is not a matter of fact. It´s causing the worst impacts. Disturbing, offending, annihilating lives, hidden, protected by distance, beyond impenetrable copse, masks, weirdness.
Life is weird, from which perspective whatsoever.
You never will see.