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As it looks to me, I was in a fuckin Fear and Loathing of Oz movie. Starring Tori “The Royal” Lightening, Mr. “The Only” T, Dred The Caramel, Susie “The Precious” Baba, Humpty “The Madsin” Dumpty and its twin, The Want-To-Go Doggedness, French, Irish, New “Vive la indépendance” Caledonian, the Rednecks – you are everywhere, right, how boring your crew-orgy, how frustrating your chauvinistic muscled dead-end of a lonesome rider with his horny horse story to tell – the Germans “On/Off” Acid and me as the background actor, with a blurry bunch of I hardly remember “The Others” in tow. Cut the ropes!!! Shipping on my barrel of dependence. Took me already a week to get out of the haven´s sight, to crush illusory peace at the crack of horizon. Make some noise! I don´t wanna listen to me anymore, to this grand myself, I never challenge, it challenges me! So I drown and fight you with my best special move I have, killing the bar. So it resurrected, the Wild Reaper´s West, there you are again, illumination of mental desertification. You don´t have to search the needle in the haystack, you just stick your hands in, get nailed and feeling the heaviness of your crossed sins. Jessas! I like Buddhism. Drunken nights, farting horses, not literally, just smelled like. It´s 1.30 a.m. and I struggle bloody seriously with myself. I still can´t sleep, so why not be drunken anyway? It´s a vicious circle, doomed loop by my expectations certainly not to fall asleep, feels like my habit is tricking me. At least after 4 days returning home daily on-time to have breakfast – no I didn´t, my vision was far beyond my globe of eyes, speeding through realities of states, minds and absence. Yeah it is a cruel cruel world we are living in, we “The Preferred”.
I stomped the ground. To lay me down.
Exhale as long as I can.
Thank you for inspiring me.
This was Popcorn!