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Eyes narrow shut, resting in the exhalation of an overnight memory, a blushing dawn between horizon and eternity, flattering paradise, sea of a milky star-shine embracing the silent waves of an adverse insomnia.
I remember a suspiring collapsing, fabling me about an eve, eve of a kiss, a last cruzifing kiss, never let me go, memory, behind dead lines of a bleeding massacre, scars on a brave mask, war-painted by heart, seeking, following back to the chambers, where lost is an only passion, sucking bareness, a weak confession, heading the snake, bursting garden into flames and reigning the worms army of a rotten apple.
I remember, kept telling me, you will never receive, you don’t, you don’t resist the universe by pretend to be an unlocatable nonspace. You don’t touch fire without a mark of a flamy tongue.
Life, like realities don’t exist, present wide openend, an upward fall, the absolution of solace. A thunderstorm of ashes rising in the shadow of a candle guard. This is sooo pissant. Deal with it, memory.
More than two years and I see the damage I done.