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Don´t party couple of days before, especially if you have the best friends and family, saying goodbye rowdily, stomping from one heart the other, doesn´t make it more easy.
Avoid surpises, like my parents did by showing up, turning your world upside-down.
Don´t stay with friends the night, drinking and loving, sharing moments of grandness, fucking you up emotionally, messing with mercilessness, pointing again at ideas of fortune, luck, destiny. Adverse fate. Looping chosen life plans. Wrong side of rightness. Right to be sided with wrong.
Don´t party at all. Don´t hug, don´t get hugged, don´t get touched, just stay, never leave the airports.
Don´t tell anyone what you are doing, what you gonna do or what you intend to do, just do it. Don´t make people wait. You gonna wait longer.
This is me, leaving in two days.
This is you, making it brutally tough-hearted to leave.
This is you, leaving me.
You selfish home.
Keep distance.
Don´t answer, keep your mouth shut. Don´t try to revise. Couch changes, what a stupid effort. Stick on backhanded compliments.
Don´t forget, discovering kept secrets doesn´t enlighten, it feels like covered your head by a plastic bag, full of moths, scratching at your bawling eyes.
Thank you for the disaster, home.