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The next person who tells me,
Asia is dirty,
all the temples are only tourist attractions,
they all just wanna rip you off,
gets some black balls in person.
No, it is not like on your postcard in your limited mind.
You don´t like to travel in Asia? Fine! So stay out of it. You don´t have to. Asia is not the doormat of your disapointed epic voyager, your blue ego, having not received the toys becoming the star at your regulars’ table, the sandbox of your infantile and naive stupidity of a breakout, doing something different, something illuminating, something extreme, earning exceptional advantages, like being the crazy guy in your hometown.
Where has all the spirit gone? Where are the hidden temples? Where is my machete and my serving guide, who is of course the most authentic, rural but so smart guy, humble he has to be, otherwise he will discover the enlightenment first.
Dirt. Cultural movement. Social mutation. Is all this maybe connected with your appearance, your agency-booked splendiferous roadtrip into the exotic enigma of the unforgotten world? Into the wild? On my way to my Inner self. Returning as a newborn, reborn, ego 2.0 version of a temporary shiny atom model.
Got some news for you, Dude. You traveled in the Third-World. You traveled in a capitalist country. You dumbass denied to do some research, feeling so connected to this spiritual world, seen on TV, in your esoteric magazines or heard from someone who knows someone, who discovered is luck and freedom, peace and independence there. Now you went there, where you expected to find yourself by angering people with your sufficient brainpower and the covering musty moss, keeping the maggots inside.
Churches, Castles, palaces, historical sights, buildings, spots, where beggars handing their trembling hands… why are there no knights anymore, no kings and queens, no authentic masters and mystics? Where all this people left to? You wanna complain about the loss or change of society and culture? Visit Castle Neuschwanstein and ask where the king is.