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(…) how you find yourself face-to-face with your narcissist, self-sufficing, autonomic, followed by your only companion, on traveling by your own, travel beside your own, finding answers to looping questions – what I want to do, turn, left, right, stay, leave, trust or just, escape. Your decision, with full force gonna hit you, by force just on you, and less force of habit, maybe decreasing, a less traveled road, maybe every step combines a new one, posing one more question, one more and you know the answer already, do what you want, but don´t trust your narcissist, this pooch, always begging for a bite. But how? Does it mean freedom if I break his neck, kick him roadside? I am not sure if I follow him or me is guided.
Cultural narcissism.
The levels are moving, the decks, the categories, the underground, the dungeons, vanishing points, exits, exit strategies, the doors, gates, rearranging, its mirrors and marks on them, of my forehead, searching for a way in, inside. Realeasing final frontiers. I don´t know this person, not quite sure. Or was this the person I always loved, to be and to hate. It feels like looking through a spy-glas, excited, watching the nearness, the close. But it, it´s still not there, not arrived, yet, maybe.
The pooch is turning around and pokes his tongue out at me, his minion. (…)