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Jakarta. Definitely. A metropolitan of a city. Monsterious, swallowing culture, mall by mall, lane by lane, superiour deluxe penthousing mega upperlustre classified. And the construction claws its sites, still. Even though the new governor stopped all investments in modern development, intend to support the street stall, old styled charming alleys selling souvenirs surrounded by history and street life. It actually exists already, all kinds of old, in different stages and varieties, but more a quarter of decadence.
Get heavily drunken for one night, not drunken enough to switch off the moral boy, minding the prostitutes, for whatever for. Hell. Worked for 5 days on the windowless room, with AC, giving the cell the puzzling temperature. TV with Fox, poisoning my last standing minds. Running crazy up and down the question, what for? Creating a world in a world outside reality. Fucked me up. First time during my stay on the road, that I had to deal with all consequences of my vision, a digital normad life, that is how they call it, the traveling community, whoever that is. It´s tough, even if I am for the most of you guys, at home, in paradise, and not in the position to moan, gotta tell you this, “Fuck that!” It´s work, not paradise, it´s a travel, not a stay at heaven´s gate. So, fuck you, I am freaking out in that cell, with invisible bars, you can´t bow them, no plans about the cell´s set up, no break out masterplan. That is my break out and I love it, I just have to start dealing with that situation, these days, it´s not like, one day working, one week holiday. You are under the same pressure like at home, I suppose, even more, because you have to say no, to the other world, just next behind that fucking hotel room door. You don´t have to book, you don´t have to find excuses for why you have to stay in your boring daily life, you don´t have to kill your dreams and sacrifice the prisoner´s escape – “I can´t, because…”, “I might, but…”, “If I would be in your situation, would have done the same, but…” Never wanna hear that again, or gonna call you… just… looser, lost his dreams, even worst than killing them and stay satisfied with who you are and what you scoop, create day by day. Not everyone has to do this. A road can be a dead end, a wall with one door, your heaven´s gate, just because of tourism and its marketing, don´t do that, just don´t, your ass gonna get dirty here and don´t waste the world´s time. Haters gonna hate that, but loosers will always hate their dreams, knowing that they don´t wanna fullfill them by heart. Whatever. It´s an interesting move what my travel demands in Jakarta. Learned a lot. Learned in particular, I am not on holiday here, so, I have to take it easy, easy with missing, missing more than you always miss, never get the whole picture, but, a room without a view just spots on one, working. And I have to admit, missed to create something, something different, by the influence of a graphic disaster and … ah, forget about that, don´t wanna judge about the advertisement, it´s a need of, but will never be a part of. So, back to work, appreciate, keeps me on licking the road´s sweetness.

In Jakarta…

… waited for the bus 43 minutes. Stucked sweating in a sticky crowd. No one was complaining, not between, not in a silent curse, not by gesture, not by anything, they just waited. So I did, starring at the 24 hours traffic in front of the gate, switching to the fans, restarring at me, with their lame and crippling wings. The governor promised a change, buidling a kind of a skytrain. He knows, who knows. Who is this mysterious governor?

… bad drunken, already reported, meet luckily two nice french guys. Not all of them are a BILD headline on my road.

… saw some really wicked looking black guys at a hip hop club, where the played not hip hop at all, more I don´t know how you call that kind of music. Felt like being in the States. Prejudices welcome.

Custom against drugs – a guy wearing a Metallica-Shirt, dragged down by two policemen, nice TV spot.