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“Which one is better, the Coconut Shake or the Lassi Plain?”
Indian girl asking the waitress.

“How much did you paid?”
All around. No comment.

“How was it?”
Next stupid question. Are all foreigners on holiday or travel enjoy their experiences similar? Because we are like in the same boat, plane, guesthouse or void, so we have to stand and relax together? Bored of foreigners investigating their next move, to meet the most delightful, coolest and most local guide, best place or most supreme experience on earth. Do I appear like we have something in common? Taste? Desires? Expectations? Back home you would change to the other side of the road, so piss off and enjoy yourself.

“I like your tattoos.”
Stoped counting.

“Not married?! Oh! Very good. Lucky. More freedom.”
Burmese mens´ best choice.

“I think in rich countries all people, poor too, have more options. Tibet wants to stay behind development, it´s a disadvantage for the people. I don´t think that China always treats Tibet well, but…”
A sucker of a guy from Frankfurt talking to two Canadians, transmitting gestures of a lot of “FUCKS”, unfortunately soundless.

“Tourists are sometimes stupid, very stupid. Stupid tourists.”
Bike driver, after a group of two dutch families left the restaurant, because a local guy smoked at the other side of the room, which is like located, nearly at every restaurant, unclosed to the street, to the dusty dirty streets of Mandalay. Whatever.

“Why do you have this? You shave. More handsome.”
Still feel comfortable with my beard.

“You are muslim? Beard no good, dirty dirty.”
Policemen, drunken, talking to me. Reporting me his name loud and clear, chested like King Kong, a military tone in his voice. It seems to me, that up north people getting more racist.