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By bus from Yangon to Nyaung Shwe, at the shores of Inle lake. With AC, seats in fair conditions and DVD. Showing a Myanmar Movie production copying the exorcist. Hell! The audience was laughing. The whole script of the movie appears to me possessed by trash, Grinding demonized uproar. Horrible in a way.
Followed by the bedtime hit parade, jaring hip hoping popstars – part of the movie still? Outtakes?
I always ask myself if this is about the HIFI units… possessed HIFI around Southeast Asia. Forget about to kill the noise with earphones. It will be still in your – head, you just can beat it with something similar, like black metal. So, i love it!

HIFI. WIFI. – Talking about WIFI isn´t worth. It will change as fast as a click.
But even though if you are in yangon and searching for a cool and easy spot, checking mails, have a coffee and a sandwich, with proper bread, check the coffee bar, at corner of 11th street. It has the potential to get an exped meeting point, so hurry up or sorry for the advice in advance.
I don’t even like to share tips, still thinking about deleting the category from my blog. Enough travel bloggers around doing their job, recommanding and cursing places. Writing about off the beaten track. So, off-beaten but please with comfort.
Days ago i read a blog entry, similar to, you have to take the train or bus in Myanmar, otherwise it would be like traveling to italy and don’t eat a pizza. Jessas!

So departure was at 5 pm, arrived at 4.35 am.

Up north it´s more cool, more like in europe, not about temperature more about humidity. I welcome the refreshment.

After struggled with the ordinary food poisoining and dreaming on the bus of a shiny food plaza, had dinner, extra ordinary pizza in Myanmar! Shame on me. Haha, i fuckin loved it!

And why the hell are we examine our snot after blowing?