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Embracing the earth, lying on the ground with a feeling of weight and floating. Mindless.
Did i really left my knife at home?
Did i puke?
Last night everything was possible. It could have happened annything. But nothing.
Just music. Electronics everywhere.
The heat today is outstanding, no it´s all over, just here, stucked, in windlessness. The plamtrees seem to be postered. No fluffy leaves rattling.
I am still flashed.
There is that picture.
Of a japanese couple, embracing touchy in full moon, in the spume of the smooth sea, kissing softly, like a butterfly the air. It was just perfect there.
Fuck it´s so hot today.
Apart from that, embracing a female body would be also kind of an attraction. Just this icecube-classy stuff, i wouldn´t miss anything else. Now! In the cooling breeze of the fan.
Nothing happened.
Who cares.
Back to reality, whatever that means.
A day after full moon.

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