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Traveling by your own and watching couples.

You choose with whom you like to talk or just stay overbold.
You gettin not picked up by couples or groups or a group of couples feeling sorry about your lonesome attitude. You getting picked up, because they have to talk to someone else as their partner in spe. “You wanna join us?” “May i join you? – And my partner?” It´s like taking hitch hikers, you never now what´s hidden in the woods.
You don´t have conversations about what to eat, where to eat and when. Neither about leaving places or new destinations. You leave. Or stay. Eat or starve. Mind your own farts.
Sex is not an issue. So you can´t get angry about not to have one.
You don´t have to be worried about the abbility to feel comfy. You be or not and if not, nobody blames, worries or fucks you up more.
You don´t getting glued in the middle of the night because you felt like embracing a moment of happiness. And get a kick in the back.
You don`t have to play stupid board games, even worse with other couples.
You don´t stay sober or have to hide your whole day drunkenness.
You don´t talk about back home or home sweet home or how is life back home. Who cares!
You just don´t talk.
Getting lost, you don´t argue who´s up next ask for a proper route and you don´t run in one of this nocuous moments. You just laugh, walk further even though to the end of the road. Discovering other, more options, cause options make you stronger, not snailing around in agony.
You don´t talk about peeing if you are stucked i a bus and are nearly, meaning half the way down your legs, pee yourself all over. You don´t get nasty about your partner who hasn´t taken the toilet or next corner, bush, possibility whatever, before boarding.
You don´t have to find someone who fits for both, escaping looping dialogs. You don´t have to worry because you haven´t spoken a word to each other more than a day.
You don´t have discussions about laundry and when to deliver.
You have just one motorbike to watch.
You sunburn your back by the lack of a person you want to get touched. You don´t get touched by a person you don´t want to and don´t have discussions for the next days about that bitchy fact.
You can stand at the edge of a waterfall, fall, depth or more fatal, not having rough minds about how it feels like being a heartless killer.
No fighting about the only hammock space.
No inner conflicts with the gentleman.
And you can commit the whole enchilada, bought during traveling, your partner, flying back home. So you can have shopping and backpacking, and stay lonesome and overbold.

There is no conclusion. Even the first couple i met was awesome – they didn´t used the term once.

So, if you get the point invariabel and you are female, write me a letter.

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