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Ride to the moon!
Supported by the famous local rock heros: TAXI & the name of the second band i missed, it was not written anywhere, not in roman alphabet, not on Facebook, not by a pyrotechnical performance into the sky.
Sounds like Rock. It´s rock. Well, Thai Rock. Maybe with too much western attitude on stage. But not bad at all. Just same same.
Police having their dinner between. Beer service by handsome Thai girls. Foreign Biker Clubs. Local Biker Clubs. Foreign Bikers with Thai wives. Local Bikers with foreign wives.
15 minutes acceptance speech in between. Only got about a hundred time of “krap”, the very polite male expression saying thanks, equivalent of saying sir or madam.
The area was huge, not half crowded. But seems that nobody had expected different.
So, a usual Biker festival, drinking whiskey, 40 Inch towers of beer, splitting chickens fried or not and maybe it was turning into a party late-night, like bikers practice in our imagination.
I left before.
Although would go there again, maybe next year, but then without motorbike i have to care about.